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Silent Riots

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As of this moment, the Hong Kong protests have been raging on for over six-and-a-half months. These Hong Kong protests eventually became riots as citizens angrily protested against the Extradition Bill that China forced upon the government. After two months of unending fighting, the government relented and removed the law.  However, in the short period of two months, the citizens learned of the flaws of the government and updated their demands.


The Chinese government has once again locked horns with the citizens and, although it is not the firs time, has allowed for the law enforcers to engage in brutal force, including the acts of beatings and lethal gases. As a result, the safety precautions necessary to stay alive in Hong Kong these days are extreme.


To be able to even show their face in public without being killed, a Hong Kong protester needs to wear goggles, gas masks, umbrellas, and gloves just to protect themselves from tear gas. Then, they also have to bundle up from other threats, such as identification. The goggles and fire mask provide stealth and secrecy, but a protestor must also wear a black shirt along with another change of clothes. This helps protestors blend in with others and to quickly fool the police. It also helps to contain every valuable in a portable manner while also moving quickly. For this, he or she would need to use shoes and a backpack to contain their valuables in case their shelter were to be possessed.


After all these necessary precautions, protests must also be very wary of the tear gas and brutality that they will face when advocating for their ideas.


by  Nathan Park 


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