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March for Veterans

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Veteran’s Day, a special holiday to honor the service of veterans who have fought to keep the country safe and honorable, is celebrated by citizens all over the United States. The city of Fullerton hosted a Veteran’s Day Parade, which featured many high schools’ NJROTC units and their marching bands. These units marched in the streets while marching bands in the front played patriotic music. NJROTC units marched in a cohesive manner, and the event was overall very organized.


In the front led 50 cadets each holding a state flag. This portion was known as the “50 States March.” A small part of the unit set the event up and brought flags and flag stands before the event started to ensure that the event had no surprises that would tamper with its success.


Another part of the unit brought supplies, such as water bottles and cameras. Cadets were not allowed to stop and drink water during the parade, and so the suppliers would drag a wagon until the march ended at an assembly. This assembly featured important members of the city and state making speeches honoring and respecting the veterans who fought in the perilous wars in the past. Much applause rang out for the veterans who approached and attended the assembly.


Near the end of the event, local police departments paid their respects by playing “Taps” and then shooting blanks into the air, retiring the flag, and showing respect for both the fallen and the living veterans.


by Nathan Park



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