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The Blocky Haven of Truth

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In an effort to fight the government’s censoring of media, a group of advocate builders have created an extraordinary library in Minecraft. Built with over 12.5 million blocks, the “Uncensored Library” exists as a loophole through the censorship laws. Although it holds many censored articles that have been outlawed in many countries, the server acts as a gateway to the people who need to read it. Anyone can access the server and read the articles in books that are displayed on lecterns. 

Blockworks, the experts who crafted this masterpiece, are a group of builders who invested more than 250 hours to complete the library. The hours and painstaking labor is reflected when looking through the creation. The library looks unbelievable and incredibly detailed, even featuring different wings that hold articles outlawed in specific countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Vietnam, and Mexico. 

Their launch video of the library can be seen at their YouTube channel, “Reporter Ohne Grenzen,” which translates to Reporters Without Borders. In the video, James Delany, the managing director of Blockworks, describes his experience and thought process when building the Uncensored Library. The video is worth checking out and showcases an extraordinary video. It also shows thoughts one should take into consideration. 

The library is not only an eye-catching beauty within the Minecraft world, but it is also a sacred treasure. It houses hundreds of books within its massive structure and each book holds an article. With each book that is added, more and more of the truth is exposed. The censoring is being fought against, and this greatly helps people access knowledge that was outlawed before.


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