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LAX’s Attempt to Organize is a Complete Failure!

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Earlier today, LAX implemented a new policy for Uber/Lyft rideshare users in an attempt to control traffic. Uber, Lyft, and taxis are no longer allowed to pick up commuters from the curb.


While drop-offs remain unchanged, pick up has been moved to the east of Terminal 1 called LAX-it. Passengers can walk or ride shuttle buses to the new area from terminals though it is recommended to walk. According to sfgate.com, a walk from Terminal 1 to LAX-it takes approximately three minutes, while a shuttle bus would take fifteen minutes. 


The airport said, “the LAX-it shuttles will operate in a dedicated lane on the Lower/Arrivals Level where they will not compete with other airport traffic and will take guests from any terminal to the new pickup area. Shuttles will come every three to five minutes during peak hours. Shuttle routes are either nonstop or will stop only one additional time after guests board before heading to LAX-it. Staff will be stationed at each stop to assist guests.” This system could have been the solution to heavy traffic in the airport, but it was too perfect to be true. 


Here is a small fraction of Twitter comments in response to the new system:


“LAX AIRPORT Commissioner needs to be fired.  It’s a mess out here with traffic jams. And there’s a whole mofo lane that’s empty. Where’s the logic?  Every other lane is jammed and they blocked traffic from picking up people. #LAX GET IT TOGETHER.  thumbs Down.”

“Congrats to the LAX team for getting together and answering the burning question ‘how can I make being at LAX worse for everyone, and 10x longer?’”

“This Uber & Lyft situation at LAX is… RIDICULOUS @flyLAXairport”


In response to the heat, LAX officials tweeted that they will work to smooth out the bumps and are “committed to making this a great experience.”


by Chelsea Lee 





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